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GIP Procurement and Logistics LTD/PTY/LLC

We assist our Customers in various Countries to purchase Products of their choice from credible Suppliers and/or Manufacturers in China, and have the same shipped to their door through our time-tested and fail-safe protocol.
Product Sourcing
We assist our numerous Customers in several Countries source for reputable Suppliers and/or Manufacturer of their interest Products and have the same customized to their specification if they so desire.
Manufacturing/ Branding
We assist our numerous Customers in different Countries source for competent Product Manufacturers in China with capacity to brand their Products with our Customers preferred Logo.
We assist our esteemed Customers in various Countries receive Goods from different Suppliers in China and have the same packaged together in reduced Parcels so as to achieve lesser freight cost.
We assist our customers to keep their Goods in our secured Warehouse for a specified period of time during an ongoing shopping in China.
Payment To Suppliers
We assist our Customers to make payment to their Chinese Suppliers in a fast and secured manner without Bank Limitations.
Logistics cargo
We assist our numerous Customers in various Countries ship their Goods from China to their door, by Air and/or Sea, at a competitive freight cost with peace of mind.

Shipping Services

Our DDP Shipping Services categories are as follows

Air Shipping

Sea Shipping

Express Shipping

FBA Shipping

FCL Shipping

LCL Shipping

Door to Door Shipping

Pick up and Delivery Service

We've Got You Covered

Let us handle your international procurement and shipping needs.

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